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Rochelle man Paralyzed in Serious Accident Seeks Your Help
Imagine your life changing for the worst in a matter of seconds. On Monday, it happened to a man from Rochelle, who was involved in a serious automobile accident and was instantly paralyzed.
This past Monday, Rochelle resident Cole Thomas was traveling to work and was involved in a life changing automobile accident. Cole’s work truck rolled three times and he crushed his L2 vertebra in his back. Cole is 33 and worked in construction here in the Stateline area. He has a wife and two children. Cole’s injuries are extensive and his doctors have told him his injuries are very serious and permanent.
Cole, originally from Amboy, IL, being the fighter he is, is unwilling abandon hope. His future will have to go through extensive rehabilitation. Thousands of people in the Stateline and around the world have embraced Cole’s message, and it is quickly going viral.

Cole hopes to one day walk again.
A GOFUNDME account has been set up to assist Cole and his family. Click HERE.
Cole, we wish you the best in your recovery!
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