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The conversation on the picture is a good example of why it worth asking questions before you support or sign any petition that is close to your heart.

In case with helping saving rhinos for future generations, not many people aware that Appendix I under CITES regulations means that trade in specimens of threatened species is permitted only in exceptional circumstances, which under CITES rules would mean the end of any possible future sale and translocation of rhinos (especially those living in private custodianship) to a safer destinations that might fail in South Africa. This petition is literally an extra potential death warrant towards rhinos' future after the implementation of the so-called international ban on trade in rhino horn introduced in 1977.

It's a proven fact that CITES ban is responsible for the rhino populations decimation and for the extinction of the two rhino sub-species in Africa, a ban that was suddenly replicated in February 2009 by South African authorities who have introduced domestic moratorium on a legal supply of the horn from privately owned rhinos, and which resulted in mass slaughter of rhinos in private land and national parks with over 6000 poached rhinos in just 7 years in comparison to a few hundred poached rhinos in the past 40 years prior the moratorium!

This much unexplained moratorium has suddenly stopped a legal trade in horn where rhino wasn't poached and instead has provided the monopoly for illegal traders who have poached most of rhinos in Africa and who now moved to South Africa to drive our rhinos to extinction.

Well organized 'wildlife crisis designers' are working hard to plot no escape for rhinos by recruiting some rather uneducated wildlife enthusiasts who ask for your signatures that would guarantee impossible sale and translocation of rhinos in the future that are currently threatened with poaching in South Africa if the ban on trade in horn is never lifted. The call to upgrade, which in reality is downgrade, of our Southern White Rhino to Appendix 1 proves the ineffectiveness of the CITES ban on trade in rhino horn and the effect of the moratorium on domestic trade in horn that threatens now our rhinos future.
You might ask, why anyone except criminals would wish for a rhino crisis to continue? I'd say: more crisis =more blood=more donations. That's how professional beggars thrive.
P. S. Sometimes by following masses, be careful, the 'M' might be silent.
More info: Facebook- Future4Rhino
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