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It Could Be You, or Me
This video is made by Mark Loving. He has a heartbreaking story about someone he met named Robert. We may never be in this situation, but then again we never know.

This story could be about you or me, but today it is about Robert.
Recently, I engaged in conversation with him. It was obvious that his nice clothes no longer fit. His 6'4 frame is now 5'11; his body is trying to recover from chemotherapy and radiation for throat cancer. At age 68, unemployed, and using his car as his home, recovery will be more than difficult.

Now, I would much prefer to give this man a twenty dollar bill and say "have a nice day," but he asked for nothing and wished me a good day. For whatever reason, God put this man in my path.

Yes, at one time he was a viable member of his community and golf club. But now, for whatever reason, his vehicle is his home. His vehicle is completely broken. I am just looking to ease his anxiety by securing a dependable, air-conditioned vehicle/home for him.
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