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JewJu really wants to meet Ms. ELLEN, who she wants to be like
Hi Ellen my name is Jewel, I hope you get to watch my video to you, we'll I actually typed out a letter for you, it's cool I used an old type writer like the tv show murder she wrote it really works and super cool. ButBut then I asked my Mommy to send you a video to see if it's faster to get to you.
Well u see I want to be just like you, I know, we'll I mean I know you have fans, like a lot alot of fans. But just so you know I'm your hugest biggest bhbhuge an. And I'm only 9. So I'm using my Mommy's Facebook I'm to young for my own Facebook so she aisaiaisles actually watching me write to you. So see sisi acatactually met you, only you were made of wax and I didn't get to shshear your laugh and actually it didn't really look like you at all. Oh sgslosh I can keep on going, see Ms Ellen Degeneres I've been wanting to meet you for a long time I love your shows, we don't have cable cause to much TV rots your brain well my Mommy says TV isn't like back in her days. But i get to watch You Tube, and Netflix only the when my parents say we can. I ttthink I'm the black and white days but my mommy says she wasn't born in black and white. MS. ELLEN I really just want to hug you and thank you, I want to learn more from and help you too. I want to help the world and make it better just like you. I dso hope you read this and watch Mu video, sorry for crying, I just feel sad when I want to do more but I'm just a little girl and I can't keep using my MommMommy nND daddy's money but they say it's okay, because we are blessed. So can you help me meet you and help me be just like you helping people. Thank you. Love Jewel
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