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The Journey of Eva Mitchell
Tiff Mitchell is mum to Mela and Eva. After an unplanned pregnancy and having a beautiful healthy little girl Mela, this parenting lark didn’t seem so bad so Tiff fell pregnant with her second baby. At twenty week gestation with her second pregnancy life as she knew it changed. Having her unborn child diagnosed with a large Diaphragmatic Hernia and being told the hole was so large that all her babies internal organs were in its chest cavity, the reality was to either terminate her pregnancy or continue and have a still born birth.

Tiffs words are “what they didn’t diagnose was I was carrying a super hero”
A blue unresponsive baby girl named Eva came into at world at full term. What followed has been a traumatic yet inspiring journey as the family have spent 5 years living in Auckland’s Starship Hospital where Eva has required round the clock medical care. This meant Tiff along with Mela and Eva lived full time in the hospital and Ronald Mcdonald house system
art_r1_c5Eva now has complete Gastrointestinal Failure meaning her stomach and bowel do not work at all and she is fed via her blood stream and requires constant Iv medications putting huge preassure on her Liver and internal Organs.

Having absolutely no answer in how to treat Eva and a multiple organ transplant not an option.

It is a matter of living each day, “Yes as a mum its absolutely devastating, but if you look at Eva how can you be sad? Despite her tubes she is the most fun amazing little girl who loves her life. We can grieve for what should be,what could be and what will be, but we can also make life worth something, by making it magic and living it. You never know when you will lose a loved one , we just have a little heads up that we need to make the most of everyday.”

The Mitchell girls live their lives out to make a difference, with their motto being to leave the world a better place. Eva has a super bug that grows around her “life lines ” (hickman etc that are into her blood stream and keep her alive) so every day is a gift as they never know what will happen.

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