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Amy-Leigh's Adventures
Amy-Leigh is the youngest of four children. She is carrier or a genetic mutation inherited from her mother which is responsible for a variety of health conditions. Very thankfully, the disease caused by the genetic mutation has not expressed itself fully in Amy-Leigh but she does have some symptoms associated with hereditary conditions. She was born with one kidney which is "horseshoe" shaped rather than bean shaped. We've been fortunate this hasn't caused serious renal issues but when she gets ill with a bacterial infection or virus it can take her longer to recover and she develops UTIs more frequently. She has mild hearing loss and a significant speech and language impairment with some global developmental delay as well. She is currently undergoing the official process of diagnosis for ADHD, SPD and possibly ASD. Amy-Leigh experienced some unfortunate and deeply traumatic events in 2010 and 2012 that have affected her emotional and spiritual growth and maturity. It is our preference not to disclose the details of the traumas she endured but only care to include it in this description as it is pertinent to understanding why Amy-Leigh needs extra TLC and support. Amy-Leigh has been a victim of bullying for a year or so which is taking quite a toll on her self-esteem. She is a sibling to a chronically ill and disabled older sister and so her life is largely affected by the experience of being the youngest in the family and the sister closest to her sick sibling. She is among the many "Unsung Heroes" of sick siblings and is an amazing helper to her chronically ill big sister. All of these dynamics combined have led Amy-Leigh to struggle quite a bit in her young life and our hope is this page might encourage and uplift her, help in making her feel she is special, important, loved and cared about.
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