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Shelly Roche of TinyKittens is my hero
TinyKittens HQ is located in Fort Langley, BC, and is operated by Shelly Roche.
They provide compassionate care for feral cats; rescuing locally, educating globally. They are volunteer-run, and their purpose is to blaze new trails in animal rescue. And they ARE blazing new trails. Here is a short video about a feral cat currently in their care.
2,071 views Jun 14, 2016
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pat payne 180 points
Skye eventually took in 3 litters from other feral moms she knew in the wild. It was time for those 3 moms to get spayed and, if they wanted to go, returned to the forest. The Happy Cat Forest, as Shelly named it. So skye took in all ELEVEN kittens and was an amazing mom to them ALL. recently, And Skye, along with ANOTHER mama have been socialized well enough for adoptions. Skye has had some health problems. She's been to the ER twice. Now she is back at TinyKittens, in the sink she enjoyed so much when she was pregnant, and recovering for her adoption. Those 11 kittens she so lovingly tended are still all in the same room they share and on Livestream 24/7 with their adorable growing and socializing. http://livestream.com/accounts/4175709/savina
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Jun 14, 2016