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Officer Tommy Norman or North Little Rock Arkansas
Officer Tommy Norman of North Little Rock Arkansas is an amazing Police Officer! He meets kids in the morning before school, after school and during the summer as he patrols the neighborhoods with snacks and drinks for the kids. When it's cold he has clothing to hand out if they need it. Christmas time he always has a lil somethin for the kids! They absolutely love this man. He also visits with the senior citizens of North Little Rock. Even on his days off he goes and spends time with them. People from different states will send him things to help give to the kids and also the adults too. For he does this out of his own pocket. We grow to love these people as he does. He has tons of pictures and videos on his fb page. You haven't seen anything till you seen Officer Norman and a bus stop full of kids have a dance party 7 in the morning. He's such a deserving man to be recognized. Visit his Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/Officer-Tommy-M-Norman-597700070370886/
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John kincaid
Ellen, i think you need officer tommy norman on your show so the world can see what a police officer is supposed to do. This man is amazing and goes above and beyond for the city of little rock.
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Jun 7, 2016
Please have Officer Norman on your show !  HE IS AWESOME, KIND and RARE
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Jun 9, 2016
David Benjamin Kopp 190 points
This man is a true hero and I hope Ellen features his amazing work!
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Jun 21, 2016