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Praying for a miracle!
Dear Ellen,
My name is Rebecca Bender and I'm from Delmar Delaware. Over the past several months I've wrote you letters but I'm assuming they didn't make it to you. I'm a mother of 4 amazing children. Zoey age 10, Riley age 7, Gavin age 5, and Gabriel age 15 months. Being blessed with 2 healthy daughters I had no clue the road the boys would lead us on. Gavin is my hero. He suffers from a rare incurable disease eosinophilic esophagitis, he also has several other conditions that this disease has caused. He only has 3 safe foods and 95% of his nutrition comes from a amino based formula. He is allergic to all animals, all environmental allergens, basically everything . my sweet boy fights pain everyday with a smile that can brighten any room. Our Gabriel Is our miracle, odds were against him from the beginning, he has been gj tube fed since 4 months old. He was diagnosed with a rare form of mitochondrial disease which destroys your muscles from your head to your toes :/ hearing he would never walk or eat food by mouth was heart breaking but our boy showed the drs who's in control he's walking and eating some by mouth.. I have a wonderful husband who works 6 days sometimes 7 days a week to provide for us. Medical bills and medications not covered by insurance have taking a toll on finances we have nothing to save. Back in November drs explained to us that our 30+ yr old mobile home needs to be replaced with a house that is allergen filtered, has central air, and UV lighted. Gavin is allergic to so much we need to help decrease his exposure. Also both boys have reactive air way disease which a new home would help that also. I've exhausted all resources trying to find help and still nothing. I'm coming to you Ellen asking for help for our family. Please help me find the resources to be able to get a house that my son needs. Im praying for a miracle and in my heart that miracle will be you Ellen! Thank you and God bless! Feel free to share so maybe she will see this eventually.this picture is of our sweet Riley, she wrote this letter to Ellen in hopes to help her little brothers.
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