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Veteran in distress
Hi, my name is jared durbin im 31yrs old and i live in vandalia ohio. I am a disabled veteran of operation iraq freedom and enduring freedom from 2006 to 2008 . Im currently disabled due to post-traumatic stress disorder and traumatic brain injury and my back being messed up. I currently cannot work and I'm living on VA disability. I have a son who is 7 years old named Stephen, that i take care of on the weekends, he is my world and everything, i also have a therapeutic service animal named molly , which is a chocolate lab and my best friend. If it was'nt for them i probably wouldn't be here right now. I have problems with depression and stress . Im am currently struggling with life. Im having problems with bills and debt and most of all my vehical which is a 99 ford ranger. I live in a one bedroom apartment which is hard because i dont have a room for my son, so i sleep on the chouch, i cant really sleep in my bed because it hurts my back. I also owe family money , frome them helping with past vehical problems and i cant pay them back and it hurts and makes me feel like shit. I just had to get rid of a 99 civic due to the motor blowing up and rust, im still paying on. I have a 99 ranger that i have had help from wwp group before and it broke soon after, i tried to fix it myself only for it to break down yesterday leaving me stranded with my son. A friend use there triple a to get it home. I need your help, is there anything you can do PLEASE!!!!!!!! HELP. THANK YOU ELLEN!!!!
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