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City the Kitty : My First Inspirational PhotoBook
Call it divine intervention or feline magic, I believe this little orange tabby kitty showed up in my life for a reason.

City the Kitty has been seen by millions on his many TV appearances such as My Cat From Hell with Jackson Galaxy (Season 2), Animal Planet's Bad Dog Show, and on The Kitten Bowl 2015. His influence goes far with his hundreds of thousands of followers on his Facebook, Instagram and Twitter pages. He is a champion for the welfare of all kitties.

City's YouTube channel has hundreds of videos with over 2.2 millilon views that bring lots of smiles and laughter to so many people in the world. https://www.youtube.com/CitytheKitty

City has appeared in many publications and in many news media stories. Here are just a few of the stories http://www.citythekitty.com/press/

Our Story
I had just lost my job as a Los Angeles Times staff photographer of 25 years and City the Kitty arrived shortly thereafter, to give me my Plan B.

I had an amazing career at the newspaper photographing everything from the big sporting events to celebrities, to entertainers, to breaking news, and with three team Pulitzers under my belt for spot news coverage of the 1993 Los Angeles Riots, 1995 Northridge earthquake, and the 2004 Southern California wildfires.

Fate had other plans, and somehow this little orange kitty with big paws, thumbs, and a short tail found his way to my home.

From that day on, I had found another purpose.

I started taking photos of City and haven’t put the camera down since. He changed my life for the better in so many interesting ways, and in turn I wanted to bring joy and laughter through his photos and videos to the world.

I had always wanted to help the welfare of cats through City's popularity.

A few years ago I found his true calling. I was told about the Paw Project http://pawproject.org/ and the inspiring veterinarian, Dr Jennifer Conrad, who started the movement to end the inhumane procedure called declawing.

I felt a real urgency to immediately join this cause because hundreds of thousands of cats were suffering and being horrifically harmed from this cruel and unnecessary amputation surgery that is sadly routinely done by many veterinarians in North America.

I put all our creative endeavors on hold and went passionately and full force into it, because I knew that it was the right thing to do and that we could make a positive difference.

After working this important cause for the last few years for 16 hr days, 7 days a week, as a volunteer, we've decided to take a much needed break and work on City's first book.

Of course we will still keep working to help protect cats from this unnecessary and cruel procedure but much of our time will be spent on finally putting this exciting book together.

We want it to be inspiring, uplifting, and really special for you.

It will be a photo book with many awesome and funny photos and special little sayings. I want the essence of this amazing little kitty to shine in this book.

The book will be dedicated to all the declawed kitties of the world. They are the true victims and are what keep us going day after day with this cause.

It will be for all ages with positive messages and humor in the photos.

It will be a little coffee table book that you will be proud to display in your home.

This book will hopefully inspire all ages to believe that no matter who you are, human being or a little cat, you can make a positive difference in the world, in your own special way.

The City the Kitty photobook will be 8 x 8 , hardcover, 80 pages on high quality paper. It will have many of the best photos that we've shared over the last 7 years on social media, along with some exclusive, never been seen before images.

Please share our project with your friends, family, and co-workers. Let's make this first City the Kitty book come to life!

The kick starter site: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/citythekitty/city-the-kitty-my-first-inspirational-photobook. The direct link is posted under comment below.
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