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Viral Mama Celebrates Quintuplet Birth With A Beautiful Photo Shoot

This is a story some of you may be familiar with as it has received some  media attention recently.

On August 18, 2015 my 26 yr old granddaughter Kim and her husband Vaughn had the surprise of their lives. They wanted one more baby to round off their little family, and found they were expecting five, naturally, a 1-in-60 million chance!

On January 28, 2016 Kim gave birth to four healthy gorgeous girls and a handsome boy at King Edward Memorial Hospital, Perth.

All five gorgeous little bundles of joy are now home and the reality of life with 8 children under 9 has set in.

Kim and Vaughn are a loving, close and family orientated couple, and feel blessed to have received the gift of five perfectly heathy babies. Kim is a wonderful mother and Vaughn a fantastic father, the pressures placed on this young couple go far beyond what many of us could ever imagine. Each day they strive to make their family as happy as they possibly can without passing on their worries and concerns to each other.

Their house is rented because they can't afford to buy. They can only dream of being able to own a home spacious enough to accommodate their family
They share one car, which is full with 2 baby seats. Consequently they have not gone anywhere as a family since they came home, because they can't.

They are looking to buy an LDV G10, as this is the cheapest car in Australia big enough to carry their huge family to medical appointments, meetings, school runs, shopping, and everywhere else a young family needs to go.

The reality is they are a long way from being in a position to buy this car and pay for the extra child seat anchor points that will need to be fitted and they are desperate for any financial assistance, however small, to get them closer to their goal.  

The family will be eternally grateful for any support you can give them and wishes the thank you in advance for reading.

Please see Kims blog Surprised by Five for more of her stories. Photos by Erin Elizabeth Photograpydonation link on Fb
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Deborah Davidson Jac 150 points
I hope you get to go to the Ellen show to share your wonderful story. Xx
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May 19, 2016
There are so many people more worthy than this mumma. It's pretty amazing that she conceived quins naturally, and it would be hard as hell raising them, but she doesn't need more publicity and handouts. She already received thousands in donations to buy a van, as well as a years supply of nappies and wipes, car seats, mummaroos for each baby ($600 each), clothing, accessories and more! The Australian government gives a lot of financial assistance to families, especially those with multiples and babies. There would be no financial need for any of it. They clearly are not short of money as you can see by the pics of her house, and the lounge suite she bought 9 months ago, perhaps that money could've gone towards her car instead? Why buy a brand new lounge when you're expecting  5 babies, that lounge won't last long. Oh and the Tiffany earrings she got for Christmas don't come cheap either. In my opinion she takes all the credit for being a "supermum" for looking after them all and having a spotless house, she never shows appreciation to her amazing volunteers that come help her daily. She never seems very thankful for all the generosity, donations, help or gifts. It almost feels like she just expects it. A lot of my mummy friends agree with my opinion and feel the same. There are so many other people out there that are in greater need of the things she is given, and would be more apreciative. I may just be jealous, perhaps this is where this is all coming from, but I dont think so. I wish her and her family well, they're all beautiful children, even the son that doesn't live with her and rarely even gets a mention - this sadens me as the other sisters are often mentioned. He seems like the forgotten child. I apologize if this has caused offence, I don't mean any offence, I just needed to vent this and I don't feel she is Ellen worthy. ✌Peace out, Love to Ellen!
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May 24, 2016
ILoveEllen! 130 points
Fully agree! All their stuff, beds,bedding, clothes and all was donated! Everything they could ever need! Even her baby shower was done for her by an Australian tv show.
Wow, bitter or what? It's a reflection of the notoriety obsessed culture we live in that there is intense media interest in this couple and their kids. If we all rejected help 'because others are more needy' let's face it, we'd all have way less than we do now - including you. Sad that this natural miracle / freak of luck has touched someone else, and you just can't stand it. Who the hell are you to judge?
You are amazing!
I hope you go on Ellen!
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May 27, 2016