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Dare I hope?
For the past several years I have advocated for my family and have had little to no response. This month is worse than ever and I have decided to give it another go. As a mother of two special needs children, I am used to fighting for answers in a world that otherwise would leave you hanging. My son has a rare genetic issue that almost took his life as an infant and my daughter is autistic and non verbal. It is a constant up hill battle to seek the best care for them and then be able to afford to get them to the care facilities. Our family is in a sort of purgatory in that we make too much to receive assistance but not enough to survive. Getting help is no easy thing to do as people are not so willing to help their fellow man. In a way I can understand this because of all the scams and lies out there that make people shy from any real support but in another way I am disappointed. Despite those people who abuse the cause of charity, there are still many more who could really use the help and are completely ignored. I am not saying this because I want people to be guilted into offering their help, but as a plea that this message may reach the right people who still care enough that they don't want to see my two children, disabled mom, and 96 year old Grandmother be thrown out on the street by June. Believe me when I say that we have tried EVERYTHING to get on track. We have applied for all types of assistances, work full time, and got my mom disability and yet its not enough. We have implored to Ellen for over a decade through Ellen tube and through her tv webpage as well in hopes that maybe, somehow she would see someday and offer the kindness we can't seem to find anywhere else in this is world.I implore you to be kind and think not of me or my husband but of my two precious babies who are more precious to us than anything in the world, and my mom and Grandmom who look to my husband and I for help because their assistance barely covers their living expenses. This is really it for us. This is our defining moment. I know that my plea could either fall on deaf ears or spread through the kindness I hope is still left in this world. Maybe this all sounds like some crazy woman who just begs for a living but I assure it is not. This is a genuine plea of a mother who questions whether or not she should still believe in hope. A mother who cries, and prays, and advocates everyday for her priceless treasures, her family. A mother who just wants to hold on to her family and is beginning to wonder if such aspirations are merely a pipe dream. PLEASE SHOW ME THAT SOMEONE, SOMEWHERE UNDERSTANDS WHAT I AM SAYING AND WILL HELP SPREAD MY MESSAGE! Dare I hope?
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GracieO 440 points
if this message is something that speaks to you and you wish to help, simply leave a comment and I will send you our go fund me link. God Bless all of you! I pray that anyone else in a similar situation continues to advocate for themselves and their families as well.
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May 11, 2016
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Sending prayers for you and your family***  God Bless~
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Jul 14, 2016