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PEACE! The fight on behalf of victim's of violence & crime has started. Singers include in song are Pam Vincent, Jim Gilstrap, Joyce Vincent, Scherrie Payne, Garrett Miller, Cynthia Manley, Lester Mendoza, Carla Marlowe, Kurt Hall, Patti Brooks, Jessica Williams, Debbie Jacobs Rock Trina Lykes and producer Rick Gianatos
Fewer things can bring people together better than music, and producer Rick Gianatos will join some amazing artists together to sing LA LA PEACE SONG, in memory of those who lost their lives in 2015. to terrorists. Renowned Dance music Producer Rick Gianatos is producing this music release and video as a personal statement against all the violence that has been going on in recent years, including in St. Louis, Cleveland, Baltimore, Atlanta, and most recently in Europe. We are hoping to create awareness for the innocent victims. These are very troubled times. A time when we need to work together to bring hope to those who are hopeless. With Debbie Jacobs Rock directing the funds through her charitable organization, LIGHT Health & Wellness Comprehensive Services, Inc. http://www.lighthealth.org/, we plan to reach many people, with this message of PEACE !

If we can love one another as we love ourselves the world will be a better place. Let's start by treating everyone the way we would like to be treated.

PEACE in 2016. Help for victims of violence. Please help me get the message out there. Supporting in some way by sharing and help spread the word and get the PEACE PROJECT exposure on major media networks & radio shows Globally. #peacein2016 http://youtu.be/SswLDWpucfc
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Jun 12, 2016