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Please Help Mike #MuffinMan who helped save a life
Most of you know me so for the most part some of this might be repetitive, but it's important because at the end of the day there's an important message I want to spread. Whether you know me as the "Muffin Man" or "Ohio" or just plain Mike, it's easy to see that I've been able to live a great life and experience some great things and spread and receive love from all my friends and family through all of our adventures. I've been able to wrestle and fight MMA without any issues and engage in a career that not many have been able to experience. For that I am more than gracious and humbled.

I've never realized how truly lucky I was until I read Joey's story about a month ago.

Joey Richman is a 22 year old USF student born with Alport Syndrome which requires him to be on dialysis and actively search for a kidney donor in order to live. To make a difference in Joey's life he also needs a living donor. I want to be that difference.

Now that every test has been confirmed and everything matches it has never been more apparent that I was meant for this. With a scheduled surgery for April 20 I will be donating one of my kidneys to Joey and forever changing my life and his. Knowing that I can do something to give Joey his chance to accomplish his life goals is not just a freak accident, it was my destiny.

Due to this surgery I will be out of work for two months and am trying to find ways to fill in that loss of income. I will have the amazing staff at Tampa General, family members, and my girlfriend to care for me post-surgery, but they can only do so much. Any donation is amazingly helpful if you can spare it, and if you can't if you can spread the message and offer prayers I will be forever grateful.

Most of all go out and spread some love. Thanks guys.
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