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Team Alexis Grace
Alexis is a courageous little girl who has stolen the hearts of many! She was born premature at 29 weeks 1lb and 12oz!! On September 3, 2011

Since then we have overcome many obstacles thay doctors say we wouldn't, shed a lot of tears of fear.

Alexis has now stopped reaching milestones and beginning to regress at times. We have no explanations to what is going on except we know she has a seizure disorder and also some frontal lobe brain damage. Alexis is now tube fed. We are working our hardest and praying our hardest that soon we will have answers. Not a cure but some kind of insight!

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Beautiful Alexis you deserve the entire world sweet girl. I hope your family gets to go on  Ellen with you. I hope she gives everyone the answers they so desperately need for your care. Love you sweetie, Aspen sends her love <3
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May 1, 2016