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We’re the HOUSE family. We are coming to you with the incredible story of Grant House and requesting your help to reach the goal of building GRANT’S HOUSE. Grant is the son of Jay and Tamara, and brother of Matt, Maggie Jae, Ross, and Cooper. Grant unexpectedly passed in December at the age of twenty-five. Grant was born with a brain tumor and a hilarious, contagious, and pure heart of gold. We are certain there is not enough room in this box to relay to you the impact Grant had on our hearts, town, and world. Thousands of people came with their tears, stories, and memories the day of Grant's funeral, an unfortunate example of the LOVE people have for the life Grant lived. Grant had many disabilities, but able to graduate high school where he received a standing ovation. He was later employed by Wabash Center, a corporation that works with individuals with special needs. Working at Wabash Center was a job that allowed him to make friends, become an independent adult, and earn his beloved paycheck. Since the loss of our inspiring angel, our family has passionately made the decision to build GRANT'S HOUSE! Our goal is to build a new Wabash Center after school and summer facility for youth of special needs! There is an overwhelming need in our community, with roughly 3,200 kids with specials needs. Every child deserves a safe haven after school. GRANT'S HOUSE can be a place where these kids grow and set life goals.

A Wabash Center funded after school program that facilitates the growth of children and young adults with special needs. Grant’s House was created on behalf of the inspirational, impactful, and loving life that Grant House lived for 25 years. Grant was a Wabash employee, community volunteer, social butterfly, heart captivator, and motivational giver. Grant’s House will reflect Grant’s desire to set goals, get involved in activities, and strife for adult independence. This program will help our community with the need to prepare our kids for lifelong success. Grant’s House is founded on the idea of creating an outlet for kids with special needs and their families, so that each individual has the ability to learn life skills. As Grant has put it best, “I’m alive and I’m happy.” May our ultimate goal for Grant’s House be to have bodies, hearts, and minds thankful to be alive and working towards lifelong happiness under its roof.

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