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Help Maddie Meet Taylor Swift!!
Dear Taylor Swift,
Hey! It's me, one of your biggest fans, maddie. I just wanted to say you inspire me so much. I always get picked on for my size, height, and my hump on my back from failed scoliosis surgies.
I have sever scoliosis. My cruve is 72° . have had 5 failed surgies. One have them being a halo contraction ( age 11). That left me in a hospital bed for 3 weeks stright ( it was originally 4 weeks but I was progressing so well. ). I could not get up. No matter what. I got washcloth baths ( nurses cleaning me with wet washcloths). All because I had 4 pins in my head attached to a halo that was tied and had weights. I also had 4 pins in both of my knees with strings tied to them and weights. After 3 weeks of the halo contraction, I went into surgery again, to get a halo vest. The pins came out of my knees and weights were gone but I still had the halo but no weights. I had the halo vest on for about 3 months and had to get it taken off. I had to get a neck brace since my neck bones were so soft and brittle. I went back to school. I still had my hump on my back and the neck brace. I got teased and had a hard time. Later that year I got to get it off. I still had the hump. I had to get surgery again because I had to get a rod clipped. I went home the same day since it wasn't major. Now it's 6th grade and I get picked on a whole lot more. I got a punch threat about my hump on my back. People shoved books in to my back on purpose. People gave me a hard time. I now wear a torando suit ( activity suit) that wraps around my body to help realine my spine. I have to be honest i dont really wear it cuz i know i wont get better.I'm in seventh grade (13 years old now) and still getting picked on. It's making me feel sudical. I have auctally self harmed myself by using a blade to cut myself. I'm tired of being made fun of. But when I hear about you it makes me smile and feel happy. Or has always been my dream to meet you. It would make me so happy. It would make me have more courage and dignity. I love you so much! ( like a fan ) . Congratulations on all of your awards and I'm so proud of you. People say you have no heart but you obviously have one of the biggest hearts.
Love you

Love from your biggest fan,


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