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Molli singing Grace
12 year old Molli from Wexford, Ireland singing " Grace ". Grace is an irish song about the marriage of Joseph Mary Plunkett to his love Grace Gifford just hours before his execution by firing squad because of his role in the 1916 Rising in Dublin. They had planned to wed on Easter Monday but the Rebellion began that day and Joseph, although terminally ill, reported for duty. They made many attempts to marry during the rising but all efforts were unsuccessful as it was too dangerous. The Irish Rebels surrendered. Joseph was court martialled because he signed the Proclamation of the Republic of Ireland and was sentenced to be executed at dawn. They married only hours before he was taken and shot by firing squad and only spent minutes with each other after the marriage. This being the 100 year anniversary of the Rising this song is a beautiful way to remember the tragedy and sad stories surrounding the event. we really hope you enjoy it. It wasn't professionally recorded, Just Molli in our sitting room.
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