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Husband Notices Wife’s Look When Giving Birth to Triplets. Then He Sees Her Face After The Third One
After the first of their identical triplets was born, father Levi Nelson turned to Amber Ertley and told her she was doing fine.

After the second, she smiled at him for a second time. But the whole world changed when the third girl was born and began crying.
Levi and Amber were already the parents of two daughters when they learned they were expecting identical triplets, something that only happens once in about 20 million births.

Amber was admitted to the hospital at 34 weeks with signs of preeclampsia, and went into labor just days later. The doctors quickly prepared for a c-section, which went well until the third baby was born.

That’s when Levi saw Amber begin struggling as if she were having a seizure. As medical staff rushed to her rescue, Levi began to worry about losing his wife.

“It was the scariest moment of my life,” Levi said. “I was afraid I was going to be bebopping home with three new babies and no momma.”
Amber’s heart had stopped and the new mom had lost a lot of blood. It wasn’t until hours after the birth that Levi was able to see her for the first time, and it was many days before she was well enough to leave the hospital.
Fortunately, the triplets thrived and were able to go home after a short hospital stay. Amber’s recovery has been slower, and the family has set up a GoFundMe page to help with expenses. Despite the setbacks, however, the Nelson family is happy that everyone is safely at home.

“We say every night, ‘We don’t have much, but man are we blessed with kids and the outpouring of love and support from friends and even strangers,'” Amber said.
Amber and Levi are “forever grateful” for their happy family.
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