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kids Beatbox Battle 2 Beat Bullies in schools and at festivals across the country.
Dear Ellen,
My family has been trying to get me to write to you for many years now. Some reason until now I just have not. I would like introduce you to my company Decm Music & Arts, and to talk with you about what I do as a human beatboxer in some local schools here in South Carolina, with the goal of taking this Nationwide and perhaps even worldwide. I'm teaching the kids about the art and history of human beatboxing and we get them involved in a human beatbox battle to beat bullies. My stepsons classmate just committed suicide because of being bullied at school This is one reason I'm very passionate about doin this in many schools around the country. Number 1 to help kids stay away from bullying each other and number two to help spread the art of human beatbox to the youth, because it may save their lives like it has saved mine. I'm also organizing the first-ever three-day, three-night human beatbox camp out slash mouth Music Festival called Camp Beatbox. This will bring the best human beatboxers from around the world to Myrtle Beach South Carolina where I live and will be an absolutely amazing event for all ages as we will have battles, showcases and workshops for kids taught by some of the best in the world. But I need your help. That's why I'm reaching out to you today. I have Aynor Elementary tomorrow and Midland Elementary on Thursday both starting 8 and 8:30 in the morning. I would love to partner with you on all of this and more. Also wanted to see if you'd be interested in Skyping me while I'm at the schools at some point either tomorrow or Thursday? Understand this is very last minute and you may be sleeping or doing something nice for somebody Thank you for your time and loving consideration.
Richard Crout
Decm ( Deckum ) aka Tha Human Boomin System
Decm Music & Arts
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