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LUKE & JEDI - Documentary - Teaser Trailer
Directed by Kara Johnson, and produced by Carla Romo, this film follows the relationship between Luke and his Diabetic Alert Dog, Jedi. We hope you enjoy! And please share! Let's get this story out!

The Story
On September 20th, 2011, Luke Nuttall's pancreas suddenly stopped producing insulin. He was taken to Los Angeles Children's Hospital, where he was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. Since then he has endured over 8,000 blood glucose tests and over 4,000 shots and pump cannula insertions. Luke is hypoglycemic unaware - which means he is unable to tell when he has low blood sugar. There is no way to cure or prevent this disease. A Diabetic Alert Dog can save his life.

Enter Jedi. After learning of Luke's condition, the Nuttall family wanted to do all they possibly could to monitor Luke's health. They decided to adopt a Diabetic Alert Dog, which would be trained to alert when Luke's blood sugar levels were too high or too low. Jedi is a 2-year-old black Labrador Retriever, and is now Luke's sidekick in the battle against Type 1. Jedi can detect changes in blood sugar levels faster than any monitor can, and he is able to fetch Luke's medical "kit" with the necessary equipment to read blood sugar levels. Jedi is not only a part of the family, but an indispensable aid in living with Type 1 Diabetes - a perfect, albeit unique, sidekick.

Diabetic Alert Dogs are a relatively new practice to the world of service dogs. Seeing as how 15,000 children are diagnosed with Type 1 every year, Luke and Jedi are setting an example for what is expected to become a useful medical tool.

Our film will focus on the bond between Luke and Jedi, as we follow Luke's journey in living with Type 1. Through this heartwarming story, we will educate audiences on the fascinating process behind how Diabetic Alert Dogs (DADs) are trained, as well as promote Type 1 Diabetes awareness.

For more information on Luke and Jedi's story, please visit www.savingluke.com.
credits goes to lukeandjedi
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What a wonderful boy and his dog.  So touching.  Where can one find a diabetic dog?
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May 20, 2016