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Feeling So Many Emotions || March 7 - 9, 2016 || DAILY VLOGS
On March 7, I feel completely lethargic and have no motivation to do anything. A few days after Matt says we should eat better, he suggests eating some McDonalds because we got coupons in the mail. I also realize I'm in a depression again and I have a breakdown when Matt tells me he needs more time to work. I admit to myself that I feel guilty about not wanting to be around Honesty lately when she wants too much from me and I state how grateful I am for how hard Matt works to give us all what we need. I also talk about the guilt I have surrounding wanting to get Honesty babysat by others. We also discuss the option of bringing Honesty to daycare one day a week. On March 8, I wake up to our cat Boots meowing loudly at our bedroom door only to find out he had dried urine on his belly and that worries me because he has cat kidney failure. I also go see the movie How To Be Single with my mom. I have my appointment with the psychiatrist and it went well enough. I talk about how I asked him about medical marijuana for treating depression and anxiety. On March 9, I go to the dentist and Honesty has her 18 month appointment.

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