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Dad’s Trick to Get Triplets, Toddler to Bed Faster Than Mom
Who can resist watching a little playful competition between a mom and a dad?

You might recall that last week, Dan Gibson, father of rambunctious 2-year-old Emily and wiggling infant triplets Levi, Olivia, and Jackson, put together a time-lapse video of the kids’ mom, Corrie-Lynn Whyte, laying out and snapping all four children into their onesies. Now Gibson is sharing his attempt at the bedtime routine with a new video that’s gone viral with more than 2 million views and 36,000 likes.

Like most parents, Whyte and Gibson usually work as a team to get their four adorable kids into their PJs and make sure no one rolls off the bed or unsnaps the onesie and crawls away, Gibson told CBC News last week.

But when Gibson challenged Whyte to do it on her own, she managed to finish the task in two minutes, 13 seconds.

That supermom feat helped make the video a viral sensation with more than 50 million views, and it compelled more than 100,000 viewers to leave comments about the hilarious chaos.

Now, it’s dad’s turn to take on four little ones and get them changed in record time. The result is posted in a new clip on their Facebook page, The Baby Gang. As sing-songy music plays in the background, Gibson gives it his all.

So who won the baby-changing Olympics? Thanks to the miracle of onesies with zippers, Gibson beat Whyte’s time by 13 seconds. Yep, snaps, ties, and buttons will slow you down every time.
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