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Parker Loves Life
Parker LeAnn Monhollon was born on July 26, 2007 to Amanda and Danny Monhollon. She was born with multiple heart defects and her parents were told that she would need major heart surgery berfore the age of 6 months. Parker went weekly, then monthly for echo cardiograms and each time we heard the good news that her heart was doing it's job so no surgery yet. Now at age 8, Parker follows her cardiologist annually and we see this as a miracle that she never had that heart surgery.

Parker is a vibrant, sassy, smart, and beautiful girl who loves to dance, do youtube videos, and play with her 6 year old brother, Dominic, and her 14 year old sister, Rivers and all her friends. Life was Great.
About a week before Christmas, 2015 Amanda and Danny started to notice that Parker's eyes were looking different, the left one would stray toward the nose when it should't be. She asked her sister to check them out on Christmas day and it was decided to get her an eye exam. Amanda had the eye appointment made for January 19, 2016. Meanwhile Parker's school nurse had contacted Amanda about concerns with Parkers vision. Amanda told her that an appointment has been made for two weeks from then. The next week the school nurse called again and her and Amanda both agreed that Parker's eyes looked worse and Parker had complained of headache and some double vision by now. Amanda was able to get her in to see Dr. Hefner on Tuesday January 12,2016 and he told Amanda his recommendation is an MRI, to just rule out anything and then hopefully start vision therapy and possibly an eye surgery if needed.

The MRI was finally done on January 15, 2016. A very long 3 days when your told your child needs an MRI. Parker was able to do the MRI without sedation which we all thought would get us out of there in plenty of time to take her for her IHOP blueberry pancakes, since she had to go with out food until the MRI at 10:30a.m. They originally planned to sedate her for it so this was great news when she didn't need sedation because she was so brave and laid still so well for it.

Mom and Aunt Missy were waiting for them to discharge us so we could get Parker those pancakes. This is when our world changed forever. The Pediatric Oncologist and Pediatric Intensive Care physicians came to Amanda and said they needed to speak in private. A Brain Tumor was the diagnosis. A phone call to Dad who arrived and was also given the news. We left there thinking an upcoming surgey, but needed to wait and hear back from a neurosurgeon for their plan.
The next day, Saturday January 16, 2016 we received the news of the type of brain tumor, a DIPG. Now the battle has begun to fight this monster and your support, thoughts, and prayers are very appreciated. #parkerloveslife

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