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Skyler Sharing Smiles
This page is to share our son Skyler and his beautiful smile. Skyler was born 6 weeks early on June 14th 2014 ,He was 4.7 pounds. Skyler was born with Down Syndrome. His father and I had no idea of this until the day he was born. I had opted out of all prenatal testing for down syndrome only because I felt as it would add worry to an already very high risk pregnancy, and it would not have changed my mind anyhow. When he came into this world and I heard the word "downs" I was scared, worried, lost and pretty much silent. my mind was racing but the moment I heard this little boy cry and knew he was breathing I knew everything else was minor and we would get through this !!

Skyler has a older sister who is 21 she has a son that is 3 !
He has 2 older brothers one is 20 the other is 18 and he has a daughter that is 1 !! yes I'm a nana too !!

Skyler is my miracle child because after my last one I was told I could not have anymore kids, I tried over and over I even tried fertility treatments. After many losses and heartbreak and when I became a nana I decided I guess its not for me to have anymore. The doctor said I needed a hysterectomy,

thank goodness I didn't !!!

then years later outta the blue i got pregnant, i was scared of another loss and the whole pregnancy was scary and high risk !!

I found out i had a blood clotting disorder that was causing the losses (a good doctor helps ) so i took 2 injections every day to keep this baby and myself safe and alive ! not to mention a million other pills !!! if only i could have had a good doctor years ago i would have a house full of kids !!

Never give up hope on your dream !!!! it may be 18 years later but god will give you what you need and want and on his time !

I am so thankful for my doctor for caring, and I'm thankful everyday for this miracle i have. I know my journey ahead will BE full of tears and smiles but most of all I will forever be filled with love !!!! Down syndrome is only a diagnosis it will not define him !! forever blessed

I feel that I was given a blessing after all these years and have decided that I must give back, with that we are making Skylers Smile Baskets, we will give smile baskets to new families who have a child born with Down Syndrome. These baskets will be filled with goodies for mom and baby. Each basket will be put together with love. We hope it will continue for a long time and we can put a smile on the new families face and let them know there is a huge community of support and love going through the same journey. Thank you to all who make this possible !

I will track and share Skyler's growth, therapy and milestones, ups and downs with all of you ! So let's share photo's, stories and most of all SMILES of all our beautiful babies !!!!!
PC: https://www.facebook.com/skylersharingsmiles
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