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Pray For Lexi
This is how Dalton's Journey Began:

Joe took him to the orthodontist (Dr. White) on 9/10 to get prepped for braces. The orthodontist said he needed to see an oral surgeon (Dr. Richardson), which Joe did 9/17, to have his wisdom teeth removed. While there they took his blood pressure and it was 180/120. The oral surgeon insisted he go to his reg doctor (Dr. Gessler) for a check up. He would not remove his teeth with the bp so high. On Monday, last week, Joe took him to his pediatrician and being concerned about his bp, referred us to a nephrologist (Dr. Mckay) at Levines. We saw him Wednesday and had a ct scan to see if his renal arteries were working properly. The scans were sent to the nephrologist. When viewing the scan, they found a mass in his liver. We were referred to an oncologist (Dr. Oesterheld) on Friday....and that's when they told us he has cancer.
Dalton was diagnosed with hepatocellular carcinoma. He was listed on UNOS on 10/4/13, we received a call on 10/8/13 say they might have a liver and later that night confirmed they did have a liver. He received a full liver transplant on 10/9/13.
Since his diagnosis, Dalton has had to battle cancer 2 more times. In 8/2014 he had a rib resection and on 1/13/15 he had another rib resection. Dalton is now without his 5th, 6th and 7th rib on his right side. He has a titanium mesh attached to his ribs that will protect his lungs. We are praying this is his last bout with cancer.

In early April 2015, Dalton started experiencing some pain and discomfort after playing in a soccer game. Dr's thought it was residual pain from his last surgery. Turns out, it was a lot more. Dalton's pain was being cause by a tumor on the inside of his T7 vertebrae. On 4/15/15, Dalton underwent another surgery to remove the tumor. It had to go because it was causing a great deal of pain and his ability to walk was compromised. He spent a month in the hospital after surgery. He had to re-learn how to walk again. He has come so far since 4/15. Today (7/27/15) he was able to RUN in physical therapy! RUN!!! RUN!!! RUNNNNN!!!!! So much joy was flowing through me when I watched him run on the treadmill. Words can't describe it.

Lexi Hansen is a college student who was riding her long board to campus and was hit by a car. She suffered a major brain injury and was give less than a 1% chance of survival with the added caution by doctors that if she did survive she would most likely be in a care center the rest of her life with limited use of her body and mind. We have been overwhelmed by the love, prayers and fasting that many have done in her behalf as she is a living miracle. She has regained all her abilities that she had before the accident and is currently serving a LDS mission in Iowa! God is a God of Miracles whether great or small!
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