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Prayers For Kason Rein
Our son Kason was born May 9, 2014 with a rare and terminal form of dwarfism called Rhizomelic Chondrodysplasia Punctata and has no cure. There are less than 60 cases world wide. Since Kasons birth he has had several surgeries. With the diagnosis comes congenital cataracts, which he had removed when he was 6 months old and has contacts. He had a g tube placed at 6 months of age and when he was 9 months old he was care flighted fo Dallas for an obstruction and had to have an emergency surgery to have a colostomy bag placed.
Any support is greatly appreciated. We have to carry him 2 1/2 hours away from home *Dallas* 2-3 times a week to several different specialist, then coming this spring 2016 we will be traveling to Delaware for a clinicial trial to help prolong his life. With his diagnosis the life span isn't good. We are hoping the trail is a successful one.. He has a rough road ahead and all the love and support is grealy appreciated... God bless each and every one of you....

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Many Prayers, God Bless His Heart.....
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Jan 11, 2016
He's  a fighter for sure!
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Jan 13, 2016
Lisa Reed 370 points
very sweet lil man
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Jan 14, 2016
God Bless this precious little one.  So sweet***
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Apr 29, 2016
So precious!  God Bless***
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Jul 1, 2016