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Dental surgery
My husband is in need to get his teeth out. Asap. He can't see a dentist, or the health department. He has to have an oral surgeon. He has 7 abscessed teeth, and is in alot of pain. The oral surgeon we went to Told us it would be 6000$ and would need 5000$ upfront. We don't quailfy for care credit and only 750$ for dental for the year for a family of 5. I called other local areas and got a much cheaper quote. (without him being seen.) and it's roughly 3500$. Better then 6000$. But still don't have that money. Every one of these surgeons needs the money up front. And do not do payment plans. We are gonna use our income taxes when they come in to help. But that still won't be till the end of Feb early March. Please help out if you have the extra dollars to spare. Even if it's just 5$. Or if you could share this. That will help out as well. We don't ask for anything like this. But he is in pain and we have no other options at this moment. I wouldn't post this here if we didn't need the help. Thank you all for your time. I have proof as well for the estimates that we were given from the surgeon. gofundme.com/92gws3jw
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