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1 Year cancer free - Angel's Warriors
Angel was diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma in October 2013, just a few shorts months into her sophomore year. Ewing's is a rare form of bone cancer, with only about 200 cases diagnosed each year. Angel's tumor was located on her left rib cage. Initially, surgery was not an option, but after more than three months of chemotherapy, the tumor shrank enough that Angel's surgeon believed she would be successful in removing at least a large portion of the tumor. On Feb. 28, 2014, the tumor was removed, along with three ribs.

After almost 1 1/2 years of treatment (including many months of chemotherapy and six weeks of radiation), we finally got the news that Angel kicked cancer's butt once and for all. She will continue to have monthly clinic visits until her port is removed, and she will have follow-up scans every three months for the first year. After that, she'll drop down to check-ups every six months.

We believe in the power of prayer, and we believe that every person who "likes" this page has joined Angel's team of warriors. While she has finished her fight, many of her friends are still battling. We hope to use this page to share their stories and create more awareness for childhood cancer.

Cards and letters, which will be delivered to the many kids still fighting, can be sent to:

Angel Eaton
2338 Starlight Drive
Tuscaloosa, AL 35405

Angel is the only child of Kim Eaton.
Santa brought Angel's present early!
1 Year cancer free
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Kim Eaton 150 points
This is amazing! Thank you for sharing my daughter's story. She is most definitely my hero!
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Dec 17, 2015