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Team Ava Strong
AVA IS A FIGHTER we ARE HOME from the hospital: Maria Ferrari Children's Hospital, come join the family at {FaceBook} Team Ava Strong, thanks i Ava Has genetic Myotonic muscular dystrophy stage 1 but the test cost $5,000 which insurance wont cover, Ava has Hydrocephalus she has a Omayya port to drain the fluid from her brain, Mic-Key button for feeding, Kidney Calcification, Urinary Retention, we catheterization her every 4 hours, her surgery fixed Craniosynostosis her skull fused at birth, Gasping for Air, some Medical mystery still, and Proud Single DAD to AVA
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Douglas Vinson 180 points
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Doug is not a single father. Nicole, Ava's mother, and her family would do anything for baby Ava, but my mom and brother have kept them as far away as possible. In June my mom abandoned her apartment, where my son and I were living, and she left behind her dog. I deal with chronic migraines and other issues, and nearly ended up homeless. Mind you my Mom is out of work, collecting both Worker's Comp and Social Security Disability, because of a bad back. She is disabled, tell me how does she manage stairs and being the caregiver for a disabled child? Nicole's mother cares for people with various disabilites, but that family never had a chance. Nicole never had one single day alone with her daughter, I don't care what anyone says about her, or the lies they spew. Ever hear of depression?

I am Ava's Aunt and haven't seen my little Ava since July. My Dad has also been keeping his distance until things calm down... I know I sound like a cold hearted **** and my family can say plenty things about me, true and not. The family dysfunction goes way back, which is why I have supported Nicole from the beginging. She is a great mother, and the unsung hero. Despite everything she remains positive, never focuses on her daughter's illness, does not complain, and does not seek attention for her daughter being sick. Nicole and her family would give Ava the beautiful and normal life she deserves, not this circus show that has been going on. Just remember that things look great on Facebook, but behind the scenes is the unspoken truth.
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Dec 15, 2015
Contrary to the other post that you see here Douglas is indeed a single father. He cares for Ava 24/7 along with his mother, Ava's grandma, and one of Ava's aunts is also part of Team Ava Strong. There are some members of the family that, ever since seeing the #TeamAvaStrong community start a YouCaring page and a Fundraiser for Ava and Douglas, started all the sudden attacking Douglas and the #TeamAvaStrong community group. There are even some family members claiming that #TeamAvaStrong is a scam for money created by Douglas, meanwhile it was just community members who started to raise money and create a fundraiser to help. Since the rumors started not only did we show on the YouCaring Page and Fundraiser page were both not started by Douglas, but we also talked to Ava's mother who cleared up a lot of the speculation. She confirmed that Douglas is a great father to Ava, that the insurance Ava has doesn't cover everything(including genetic testing, which Ava needs, hence the fundraiser and YouCaring page), and that she herself is very grateful for #TeamAvaStrong. Yes, there is family dysfunction, but certain members of the family should not be making private family business and battles public just to try and hurt the people who want to help Ava, who will be affected by her conditions for the rest of her life. It's just selfish, juvenile, and unproductive. Douglas won primary custody for Ava in court without a lawyer. That happened for a reason. The rest of the family has visitation rights, and from what I've heard they don't take advantage of it. Douglas has an open door policy and has allowed dozens of community members to visit Ava at home and the hospital. Bottom line these "inside stories" don't make any sense, and they have been disproved several times, making the opposing case appear to be fraudulent. I'm #TeamAvaStrong and I wish the family would just put aside their differences and let the community help Ava. What we are doing is out of free will, Douglas never asked for a penny, and those who assume make a fool of themselves.
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Jan 3, 2016