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Sisters Wish for her Brother to have the best 16th ever!! How big is her heart!!!!!!!!!! True Sibling love!!!!
(Gabby Marcel)

I know it's only December but days go by fast and January 14th is right around the corner. January 14th is my brother's birthday, may I add his sweet 16.
Normally, sweet 16's are full of friends and cake and presents but for Anthony, it won't be. Because of Anthony having autism, he has a difficult time making friends. He doesn't have friends that will come and give him presents and eat cake with him. So I wanted to do something that will help make his sweet 16 one to remember.
Anthony has been saving up for his meerkat. If you don't know what a meerkat is, it's Timon from the Lion King. And Anthony also enjoys receiving mail. He once received a letter from someone he did a job for and it made his day.
I wanted to ask for a favor but I'm not asking much.
What I'm asking is if you could take a few minutes out of your day to help make my brother's birthday. I'm asking for you to send Anthony either a letter, a card, or even a picture of a meerkat with a simple "good luck." I know that this will make not only Anthony's birthday but his whole year.
If you are interested in helping,
You can send the mail to
411 Crescent Avenue Suite A, Lockport, LA 70374
Thanks everyone!
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