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Most private rhino owners are battling rhino wars alone, fighting for the rhinos survival from possible poaching attacks. And while producing legal horn, where rhino stays alive, sadly private rhino protectors are not allowed to sell the horn which has a great value on a black market, but which under CITES trade prohibitions is costing rhino a life.
How rhino owners are suppose to protect their rhinos, if the law does not allow to sell a legal horn, which is simply locked away, while rhinos require a high cost security and as rhino's horn grows back, the animal is in everyday danger of poaching attack? How and from where should come funds for private rhino protection???
While I do believe that donations won't save the rhino, if the trade in legally produced horn is never allowed, donations definitely could help for now to some rhino owners who straggle to protect the rhinos, which they breed and save for future generations. Yet your voice and support for legalization of trade in rhino horn is the permanent peaceful solution to the poaching crisis!
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