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I thought of this joke on the picture as an inspiration to express my mind, to say how wonderful that so many people do care for rhinos survival, which is great for rhinos! Yet, there are some people who worry that peaceful solution for ending rhino wars might not work.
As an optimist, all I can say to all animal lovers and especially to passionate 'rhino' activists, who - despite horrific rhino poaching evidences in past 7 years, where over 5000 rhinos were poached for their horns - still support CITES ban, an international regulation which only bans trade in legally produced horn where rhino stays alive, and as a result benefit only criminals- PLEASE do the best until you know better. And when you know better- do better!
To learn more about #rhinoreality, watch this video- https://vimeo.com/123707224
P.S. It's never late to learn and share this info with everyone who cares for rhino survival.
Thank you!
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