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THINKING OUT OF BOX can save the rhino!
Today is another breaking news that we've got here in South Africa: one of our rhino female that was wounded during recent poaching attack has died. Now, out of 56 poaching attacks that John Hume's private rhino conservation project has experienced - 49 rhinos were killed and 7 rhinos have currently survived.
John Hume, my husband, is a property developer, who've sold his luxury resorts in order to breed and save rhinos for future generations. At the age of nearly 74, this man has bred in past 23 years over 800 rhinos - world record, and currently protects nearly 1200 rhinos by using own funds with no help from outside the world.
Yet, we are running out of money and time, as there is no income on saving rhinos while the security costs are horrendous. Without legalization of trade in legally produced horn - where rhino stays alive and horn grows back - we will fail our mission to help save rhinos from being poached to extinction. We don't ask for donations, only for your voice! Please read my question below and watch the video and decide which side will you support in this desperate plea for rhino's survival.
Here's my question out of box:
WHO'S MORE DANGEROUS FOR RHINO'S FUTURE - a poacher who trades in horn illegaly by killing rhinos or an activist who fights against legalisation of trade in rhino horn, where rhino would stay alive?
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157 views Nov 10, 2015
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Off course for you Albina the most important thing is your and your husband's bank balances. Sitting on billions of rands worth of rhino horn; most definitely you will chose for the trade to be opened.  Maybe, just maybe the current rhino poaching crisis was instigated by those hell bent on having the trade opened?  This idea has crossed my mind a million times?
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Nov 10, 2015