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From Nikko's Website
Three year old Nikko was born with a congenital abnormality with his spine which put his spinal cord at high risk for critical damage at the slightest hit or fall. The abnormality was not discovered until 8-18-14 when he fell in such a way that damage was done to his spinal cord. The damage to his spinal cord caused him to loose his ability to breathe on his own. He almost suffocated to death in his mom’s arms as he lost consciousness and his lips began to turn blue. More details of what followed are on Nikko’s story page.

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Posted by: Mandy Benoit
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Amanda Felkey D'Itri 250 points
Nikko is the strongest, bravest boy I know.
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Dec 1, 2015
I have been following Nikko for 2years and have seen & read daily his success and set backs. I pray for this little angel daily and am so happy that he is doing well! He has an amazing family support & love, I'm sure that is one of the reasons he is winning this battle! I love you precious Nikko! VoomVoom....❤️
imlizy 210 points
Nikko (his parents and big brother) is such an inspiration to so many! I've been fortunate enough to know of Nikko since birth and have followed his story from day one! Nikko has made me smile so big, shed happy tears and cry of heartache for him all at the same time, multiple times! He is such a strong little blessing and it's been a pleasure to watch him grow and achieve so much thus far!
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Dec 1, 2015
Cheryl Scag 170 points
Nikko has been an inspiration to so many people!  I admire his courage, strength and bossy attitude.  That, along with prayers, will heal him completely
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Dec 1, 2015
Smcoates32 160 points
Following Nikko always!  This little boy has touched so many people!  God bless him and his family!  I've never seen such an amazing little boy and family!
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Dec 10, 2015