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2 Babies 1 Stone
Meet Codey. He was my first born child "son" :) I was age 14 when Codey was born :) Codey lost 1/2 - 1 hour oxygen before delivery due to placenta separating :( He was severely handicap, doctors didn't expect him to make it thru the first 24 hrs. but he was a true fighter an made it to 2 weeks before his 8th birthday :) due to pneumonia :\ ( 8-15-1987 \ 8-1-1995.)
Meet "Jacob". Born Duane "Jacob" on Nov. 12, 1990. My 3rd son, I was 18 :) The perfect baby in every way :) SIDS took him away,when he was only 2 months & 8 days old (1-20-1991), and til this day is the hardest for no one can explain WHY my baby :\
The years have gone by, the pain remains. These babies don't have a headstone to date. I have found and ordered it, been doing multiple fundraisers to try to help with the cost. Breakdown to date:
Total beginning balance: 8327.00
Down payment I paid : 1155.00
Booster shirts: 15.20
Flower sales: 105.25
Photo shoot: 130.00
Melt fundraiser (will change) 76.00
Miscellaneous change: 4.55
Brings balance to: 6841.00
God bless everyone that has help with. Codey & Jacob's Headstone :) you are true blessings to myself and my boys :)
I know my babies deserve their stone, & future family generations deserve to be able to locate & remember Codey & Jacob.
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