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The Adventures of Connor Man - Connor John Corkern
Hi friends!! My name is Connor John Corkern. I was born in November of 2006 to a loving family in south Louisiana. After I was born my parents noticed that I wasn't feeding well and I was turning blue. I was sent to the NICU, put on a ventilator, and diagnosed with Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension. I was off the vent after a week and started getting better after two blood transfusions. I made my way to the intermediate nursery learning how to suck on a bottle and keep my temperature up. After 3 long weeks I got to go home for Christmas! I began getting severely jaundiced and was sent by my pediatrician to Children's Hospital in New Orleans. Once there it took over a week for the doctors to find my mystery diagnosis. A brain MRI revealed some interesting news....I had bilateral open lipped schizencephaly (rare brain malformation causing clefts or slits along the sides of his brain and I am missing some sections of my brain), congenital panhypopituitarism (I only have 1/4 of my pituitary gland meaning I am completely hormone deficient and on many medicines to replace them), diabetes insipidus (I don't produce the anti-diuretic hormone and my kidneys flush out any water in my system in which makes me dehydrated-so I take a medicine called DDAVP to keep water in), adrenal insufficiency (my adrenal glands do not kick in when I am sick, hurt, or having procedures-this can be a life threatening condition if not given proper emergency medication or daily meds), agenisis of the corpus callosum (the corpus callosum is some fibers in the middle section of your brain that helps transfer information from one hemisphere to the other), optic nerve hypoplasia (optic nerves in my eyes didn't develop and are extremely small causing me to be blind-although I have light perception), intractable epilepsy (seizures SUCKKKKKK), I am nonverbal, I cannot walk, and I am severely developmentally delayed YET I think I inspire all who I meet! I always have a joyful spirit and have a vibrant, infectious, toothless smile! I am truly a blessing and gift from the Lord. Although I walk a long, hard road carrying our Savior's cross, I do so GLADLY. I am hospitalized numerous times for seizures, adrenal crisis, pneumonia, stomach bugs, surgeries, you name it. My health is greatly compromised by the slightest sickness.
My momma is Katie, she teaches special education (God has a funny sense of humor, huh?) at our local public school, in which I attend. My daddy, Coye is a Louisiana State Trooper. I have two AMAZING brothers: big bubba Aaron and my little brother Cooper. They know how lucky they are to be blessed with me as their sibling and they never take a day for granted.
As I endure my many adventures we ALWAYS welcome prayers, prayers, prayers-or warm thoughts-or hugs-or any postive vibes you can send our way!. God is truly showing us the path to take and we will follow and obey HIM!

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Karen Hudson Cutrer 340 points
You just wouldn't believe how many followers this young man has. He is very well known in our small community and his parents are so strong and have endured many ups and downs. His smile will just melt you and he smiles even when he's been through so much and is in the hospital.  We love our Connor Man!  Please follow his Facebook page. It's very encouraging
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Oct 31, 2015
Sandra Champlin Pere 330 points
This is my nephew who I love dearly.  He is not only an inspiration to his family and friends in our community, but is followed by many all over the world.  He has the most beautiful smile that will light up your day, no matter how good or bad it has been.  His Mama and Daddy are the greatest parents of all and truly, totally leave all of their blessings and struggles at the feet of Jesus.  Their faith and loving attitudes shines through in all they do for all of their boys.  Katie is a "Mama Bear" and works hard not only to make sure Connor is receiving the best of care, but also provides education to all of us regarding Connor's many diagnosis's and fights for disabled children's rights and needs on every level.  We all continue our prayers and believe that God has a plan for our Connor as an inspiration to others.  Please follow him on Facebook, you will not be sorry and will probably have a much deeper faith than before.  Oh and his smiles and continued story will definitely make your day much happier.
+7 votes
Oct 31, 2015
amorris77 250 points
My husband is Conner's adaptive PE teacher. We love Conner and his family!
+5 votes
Oct 31, 2015
hstarkey 220 points
+4 votes
Oct 31, 2015
Linda Mckenzie
Conner man is very well in South Louisiana. He has many fans and supporters. Go get on Conner :-)
+4 votes
Nov 1, 2015
Gail B Derveloy 190 points
Connor is an inspiration to his family, families of many others, community and medical teams who worked with over the years. Just look at those beautiful eyes and smile and you fall in love with him
+2 votes
Nov 1, 2015
Donna H. Reeder 220 points
I know this family! They all came out & did the ACTIVE FOR AUTISM walk with Team Tullos!! I love Katie, Coye & their 3 boys! Talk about God giving strength when needed! These 2 of some of the best parents around!  Gotta love following The Adventures of Connor Man! Katie & Coye are 2 of the strongest people ever!
+1 vote
Nov 3, 2015
DeniseHLee 220 points
What an amazing young man!  I have followed this young man's story since day one.  I've known his parents and their families for years.  You talk about a remarkable family!  The love that this family have for each other is amazing.  His dad is a state trooper & mom a teacher with active schedules but they never miss a beat!  I read his Mom's daily post to I can get motivated for the day.  Ellen, I know you would fall in love with this family if you ever had the opportunity to meet them.  And of course, they're from south Louisiana!!!
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Nov 5, 2015