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Gabriella's fight with Biliary Atresia
Gabriella was born on 11/12/13 she was diagnosed with a rare life threatening liver condition callled Biliary Atresia. 6 days later she had a major surgery called the kasai procedure where they connect the small intestine to the liver to help get the bile flowing out of the liver. 1/3 of the time the surgery works forever 1/3 of the time it works for 1-2 years but 1/3 of the time it fails immediatley and they need a transplant. Well so far Gabriella hasnt gotten better, yes she is out of the hospital but she is still very jaundiced her abdomin is very swollen and she isnt gaining weight. the Doctor thinks she will need a transplant but she has to be 25lbs and she is only 10. there isnt a transplant center in las vegas where we live we have to travel to salt lake city

Gabby Had a liver transplant September 3rd 2014.
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Gabby has had her liver transplant and is doing well!  #biliaryatresia  #donateorgans
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Nov 8, 2015
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Nov 9, 2015