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Donations won't save the rhino. Your voice will.
This letter is a cry for a change in international rhino law that's killing the future of rhino. Rhinos of Africa will be extinct in mere 6-7 years if we'll allow the rhino law to continue as it is...

Today, on the 20th of October 2015, we woke up once again to another poaching incident on our private rhino breeding operation, where we protect and take care of nearly 1200 rhinos.
Despite our best security efforts, that cost us three millions rand/ per month, our rhinos were attacked by poachers last night: one bull and two females- one of which just took a bull, which means she might be pregnant. The three poached rhinos are wounded, yet still alive. Our vet, Dr. Michelle Otto does everything possible to save their lives!

Since the first poaching attack, on 23rd of May 2013, we have lost to poachers 27 rhinos in total. Police have still never solved the first case, not even mentioning the rest. We feel distressed, desperate, depressed and drained from battling this war on our own, with our hands tied up by the law that bans trade in legally produced horn where rhino stays alive, which would provide much needed funds for high tech security equipment, doing our best to save and protect rhinos from poachers who come to kill them for their re-grown horns.

It is absolutely clear that the law which bans trade in rhino horn does not stop the use of horn or rhino poaching! How many more rhinos have to die before we realize that prohibitions of trade in rhino horn have miserably failed to save the rhino's life. It only created monopoly for criminals who are killing rhinos to trade illegally in rhino horn.
If we'll allow such regulations to stay in place, the rhinos without any doubt- one by one- despite all anti-poaching measures would vanish to extinction.
Surely, its time to change the law and save the rhino, not the horn? Horn grows back!

National and International public should be better informed about rhino reality. The ban on trade in rhino horn is international regulation, which been in place since 1977 and urgently needs to be changed.
We call for support from all over the world for legalization of trade in rhino horn, where rhino stays alive. By sharing the word about rhino's plea, you can contribute to their safer future.
When YOU know the rhino reality and start supporting the change of law, then we'll win the rhino wars by using peaceful solution.

To watch rhino reality that we live, please visit- http://youtu.be/T8QWqWQnvdQ
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