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Sydney's Story
Sydney is our beautiful 13 year old daughter. She has been on chemotherapy for her brain stem/spinal cord tumor. On her last MRI, a new tumor was found. This one grew kind of inside of her other tumor. It also is enhancing with the contrast, which means it is serious. More so than the other, if it is what they think. The big concern is that it wasn't there 3 months ago. She will be having her 3rd surgery on April 8, 2015 at Duke University Hospital. This time to biopsy the new tumor to better know how to treat it. Her last surgery was in July 2014, so not even a year. They will open up her spinal cord for the 3rd time. She is facing more chemo and possibly the addition of radiation. The biopsy will tell what to do. The plan will be to get the surgery and also have a lumbar drain placed like before and to stay in the hospital for a week. This is to hopefully avoid a readmission due to a cerebral spinal fluid leak from her incision, like last time. She spent 2 weeks inpatient during that surgery. We plan to be in Durham for 2 1/2 weeks to start. But it seems she has a long road ahead of her.

Please pray that the surgeon takes great care of Sydney, leaves no permanent deficits and gets a good biopsy!!

Any donations made to Sydney will go to medical bills, medical insurance, her care and every day expenses.

We appreciate everything but mostly for thoughts and prayers. Those who know Sydney, love her. And we know that. She is a special girl for sure. Never complains and not ONCE has she asked why her.

Here is the link to her Facebook page where we will post updates.
https://www.facebook.com/sydneypie ‌


Thank you to all of our family and friends for your love and support.
We love you,
The Creel Family
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