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Donation for Eli
Eli needs a handicap accessible van.
How do I start? Eli has been a miracle from day one. He has come so far and has improved so much! Eli was a normal child from birth up until 14 months old. There was no signs of him becoming sick. It literally happened overnight. Eli was one of this misfortunate to catch Influenza type A. On May 22nd 2012, I woke up to go to work and while trying to walk out of the door I hear Eli making noises, thinking he was just wanting mommy or daddy to come pick him up out of his crib and play with him. As I didn't want to be late for work, I went into our bedroom and woke my husband, Casey, up to go check on him. When he did, I heard my husband hollar for me. Casey had found our son incohierent and unresponsive. At the time, we had not a clue of what had happened to our angel. Casey laid little Eli in my arms in shock and dismay, Eli was as cold as a block of ice. I thought he was already gone. I then put Eli in his car seat in my car and my husband and I rushed him over to the St. Vincent Jennings County Hospital. When we arrived, Eli was laid on the hospital bed and went straight into a siezure. He was then intubated ( with an adult intubation kit due to the hospital not being equipt with a child intubation kit) Eli was given Valium to stop the siezure and air lifted to Payton Manning Childrens Hospital. When Casey and I arrived to PMCH, Eli was in a medically induced coma and was still intubated. We were told that after several hours, Eli should wake up at any time and be just fine. Eli tried to wake up twice and tried to pull the tubing out of his mouth and the doctor said that they couldnt have that happening. After pleading with them at PMCH of just allowing our baby boy to wake up instead of inducing him once again, they told us it was what was best for him at the moment. Being medically vulnerable as we were, we allowed it. As a week went by very slowly and painfully, we were coming to a realization that Eli wasn't pulling out of this. By this time they had filled him FULL of bowlus feeds and steady IV fluids and medications. Which was enough to cause severe edema. They came in May 25th and informed Casey and myself that Eli was brain dead and was a vegetable. That they couldn't do anymore for him and that if we decided to extubate him, he would MAYBE live 2 hrs off of the ventilator and would end up choking to death on his own secretions. They really never gave us an altimatum. It was do this and he'll eventually die or do this and he will eventually die. As we had to come to terms with all of this information, They had brought hospice in to speak with us. After praying and praying and then ultimately praying some more, Casey and I realized he was God's before he was ours. We decided to extubate him and see what God's plans were for our baby. They had us make funeral arrangements before they ever even extubated him. Oh, how God must of heard mine and his daddy's cries of sarrow and grief. When the day came to take Eli off of life support, we expected the worst. Thank you Lord, Eli had made it through the entire night and still breathing on his own! So PMCH decided that since he was still alive, they set him up with Hospice to pass away in their facility. While at St. Vincent Hospice in Indy, Eli went 2 days of no food or water and was still hanging on for dear life. Casey and I finally found a childrens hospital that would take him and stabilize him. I am so greatful that they did. This was an amazing place, UK Childrens Hospital. While stabalizing him they informed us that PMCH allowed Eli to several mini strokes that affected his right side, as well as Over dosing him on morphine. Eli was in Hospice for 8 months down in Rockcastle County Kentucky. We met amazing ppl down there as well as an awesome church. After 2 yrs down there of treatment with PT, OT, and DI and many more to say. Eli is a bright eyed loving little boy that WE get to call our blessing in disguise. He has came along way from laying on a death bed to finally being able to smile and make other people smile and laugh. Eli is in dyer need of a handicap accessible van. I called around and they all said the cheapest one was used and they still want $20,000.00 It is what is it. But would be awsome to get help with this. Please donate what you have! Whatever the amount, it will help out A LOT! Thank you in advance and God bless you all! Always give your child kisses and hugs before bed and before leaving your home. Once again, Thank you!
For those wondering, Eli's diagnosis is the following:
-Severe Anoxic Brain Damage
-Cerebral Palsy
-Sub-clinical seizures
-CVI (Cortical Vision Impairment)
-Has a G-Tube
-Has the mentality of a 4-6 week old baby
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