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Feisty little girl stands her ground in argument with dad
Despite being only 15 months old, Lola is not afraid to put her dad in his place.
In this video recently uploaded to YouTube, the feisty toddler looks to have got herself into a pretty good position for watching cBeebies, but then her father Gareth Roe starts nagging at her to get down, so she’s forced to argue her point.
It’s amazing how eloquent she is given that she hasn’t actually learnt to speak yet.
She remonstrates with him ferociously, presumably trying to explain that she really does have the best possible viewpoint.
At one point, she throws her arms up in the air in despair, because there’s clearly no reasoning with the man.
Eventually she acquiesces to his demands. Sometimes you just have to pick your battles, eh Lola?
124 views Sep 27, 2015

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