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Curtis Hargrove is running to you on the #hugginzhwy for his BFF Angel Magnussen
Ellen! Have you heard yet about the amazing friendship between Curtis Hargrove and his BFF Angel Magnussen? You MUST hear their story, so let me share just a tiny tidbit of it...
Once upon a time, there was this beautiful girl named Angel. Angel is what we call a ‪#‎ModernDayMissionary‬ who has the biggest heart and wanted to help all sick kids! You see, Angel also has ‪#‎downsydrome‬ and is a sick kid herself. She was nominated for the Scotiabank Game Changers Program where she was a finalist for the $100000 Grand Prize to be donated to the charity of her choice Variety – The Children’s Charity of British Columbia. During this journey, she met Curtis Hargrove as he was also nominated and a finalist during his run across Canada to raise funds for The Stollery Children's Hospital Foundation. Angel and Curtis had an immediate connection and have been BFFs ever since.
Both of these superb people were meant to meet! They have supported each other through other endeavors in their lives. Curtis was the 'knight in shining armor' and escorted the beautiful Angel to her High School Graduation. Curtis walked 181 miles in 4 inch heels to raise funds and awareness for the YWCA in Edmonton, AB with Angel being his number 1 fan! Angel started her not-for-profit organization where she sews blankets for sick kids, fills them with love, healing, and support, and mails them across the world. Each blanket is made with love and suited to each kiddo with their favorite patterns.
Angel sent you Ellen, a blanket to show you what she is doing with no response. Angel explained to Curtis that the blanket was received, but she had not heard a response. Curtis completely believes that you should should know this amazing girl and supports her 100%! He told Angel that if she made you another blanket, he would 'run' it to you and personally deliver it with hopes you would come to ‪#‎hugginzstudio‬ and make some blankets with Angel.
Guess what!?! He's on his way! He started his run in Port Alberni, BC right to you at your studio! We are calling this ‪#‎hugginzhwy‬! That's over 2400 km (1518 miles)! Do you have a friend that would to that!?!
Ellen, I am urging you to PLEASE watch this video that a local school in Curtis' community made to ‪#‎bringellenback‬ to Angel's Studio!
Thank you for your time!
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Elaine Chaikowsky St 170 points
Two amazing people who make this world a better place to live!
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Oct 16, 2015
Such an amazing story - Ellen? Where are you?!
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Oct 20, 2015
Debbie Pederson
Ellen, please meet Curtis Hargrove. He has ran over 2000 miles to bring you a most beautiful blanket that Angel Magnussen (Hugginzbyangel) has especially made for you. She sews blankets for sick kids and fills them with love to be wrapped in. She has her own non-profit organization and spends all her time sewing these blankets for sick kids all over the world. She loves you and watches your show faithfully while sewing in her studio and even stops to dance ! Angel and Curtis are the greatest of friends and the 2 of them started this mission to bring you a very special hugginz blanket made by Angel, while Curtis is the voice that spreads the word of the difference she is making in the world and as well, to invite you to her Hugginz Studio to sew blankets for sick kids with her. You both love to help sick kids and what better way to to help by sewing blankets together, this is her dream Ellen, you can make it come true. She just wants to sew blankets with you, how heartwarming is that?
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Oct 20, 2015