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I sit in front of my computer and it's like my fingers are frozen. I can't believe that I am on THIS side of the screen...on this side of the "story". If you know our Griffin, you know that he is ALL BOY. Baseball...football...hockey...golf...you name it. If it has a ball, a stick, involves running, then he is ALL ABOUT IT! Griff started complaining of some leg pain back before Christmas. It started at his knee but eventually he started grabbing and rubbing his thigh. It didn't sit right with us. The timing of it didn't sit right with us...there was no rhyme or reason as to when it would intensify. The pain is constant, however there are periods where it moves from manageable to extremely painful. After a bad night...Kurt took him to urgent care at Twin Cities Orthopedic. We figured they would be equipped the best to discover what was going on. We were right. After 7 hours there with countless xrays and scans, Kurt and Griff were sent home and told to expect a call in a day or two. We are all 1 call away from being brought to our knees. The call came before Kurt pulled into the garage. "I'm gonna cut right to the point" is how the conversation started by the doctor on the other end of the phone. Not a good start! They have found a "large mass"~about the size of a baseball (of course it would be a BASEBALL size...we are talking about Griff!) in Griffin's pelvis. As you can imagine the room starts to spin, you get foggy in the head. What?!?! They sent the scans immediately to the U of M and we were told to expect a call the following day. We did in fact receive the phone call the next day. Friday Feb. 6th we had an appointment with Dr.Clohisy... He is an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in PEDIATRIC Orthopedics, with a special interest in "Musculoskeletal Oncology". So, going back to the thought that we can't believe we are on this side of the story...I guess why not? God does not tell us that we will have an easy path void of hardships, in fact he tells us in John 16:33 that on this earth we will have many sorrows and trials...BUT to take heart because HE has overcome the world! We are so thankful that we have a God who has gone before us, a God who is not surprised by any of this, a God will be our guide...our strength...our peace through whatever we might travel. We will fix our eyes on HIM. We may have to do a little work to get through "this"...whatever "this" is. But one thing is for sure...we WILL NOT FEAR this. We found out on Feb. 12th that it is indeed cancer. It is an aggressive cancer called Ewing Sarcoma. It is also extremely rare, only about 200 cases in the entire U.S. annually. We feel thankful that we live in MN and can doctor at one of the top facilities in the country. Thank you for partnering with us & storming the heavens on our boys behalf!
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