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Maddie Grace ! Warrior Princess
Maddie was admitted to Children's on Thursday, July 10, 2009 and diagnosed with ALL (Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia). She received some chemotherapy, but her organs started shutting down and she was retaining fluids.

On Sunday, July 13, she was moved into ICU because she could not wake up and was having difficulty breathing on her own. The doctors have been fighting to keep her levels up so that she can recover and start back up with chemotherapy.

Today, Wednesday, July 16, she is still in ICU, but her levels are improving and she is starting to get rid of some of the fluids that are keeping her organs from working properly. She also had an MRI, but we have not gotten the results yet - we should have them later tonight. The doctors are also pumping her with blood so that she can start functioning on her own. She is still on a respirator, but has shown signs of waking up, moving her arms and other parts of her body. At this time, only immediate family is allowed to visit her, and when that changes, I will update everyone.

Maddie finished chemo on Oct 1, 2010. On Feb 7, 2011 we were devistated to learn that Maddie's leukemia had returned in her spinal fluid and in her bone marrow. Because the leukemia returned so rapidly after finishing chemo, her oncologist decided a bone marrow transplant would be her best chance for a cure. This is her story.

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