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Take OFF the Mask
Hello! My name is Casie Ellison, I'm the founder of Change the Face of Depression. I have been dually diagnosed with Bipolar II (manic depressant) and Boarder Line Personality Disorder. Every single day is a battle against the raging war I face with depression. Make up and photography are my absolute favorite things, and I thought.. why not combine the two for the greater good? Change the face of depression is an organization established as a resource for a self esteem booster. Victims of depression often forget what it's like to see themselves as anything other than what depression has masked them. Useless, hopeless, invaluable, worthless. Change the Face of Depression's mission is to aid in ripping off that mask by giving you the simple self-esteem booster, that I feel, would have been a detrimental asset to a quicker recovery, had I had the resources. Join Me in Changing the Face of Depression.
Our Mission is to create a charity hosting a convention giving world wide makeup artists and photographers wanting to expand their freelance hours and portfolios the opportunity to participate in transforming a life. This convention will be open to anyone diagnosed with a mental illness, specifically targeting depression, giving them the gift of life, once again, with a photoshoot and makeover. Allowing you to see yourself at your best. The way the world deserves to see you. Ripping off the mask depression as blinded you with. "Change the Face of Depression" Join the Movement. Please feel free to share your triumph and contact us at: changethefaceofdepression@gmail.com
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