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Aspiring Musician Films Music Video in Back Yard!!
I am a singer/songwriter from Kansas City. I filmed this video in my back yard when it was 10 degrees outside because I needed the snow in the back ground. I write music inspired by observing human behavior and sometimes inspired by the supernatural. I love performing, writing, making videos and using my music to help others in my community. In addition to performing and writing, I put some of my past experience from teaching public school music to use by teaching a children's choir as well as an early childhood music class in my community. I really believe in my music and the power it has to move, motivate and change people. Much of my music points out the flaws in human behavior and by recognizing these flaws we can maybe start making small changes in ourselves to make our world a better place. I would love to share my music with the world and see what great things may come from it.
203 views Jul 8, 2015
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jcluvsbeck 420 points
My vote is for Tara Elisha!  She's a great performer and songwriter and deserves to have her music heard worldwide!
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Jul 8, 2015
Mark Arth 140 points
Tara Elisha is an awesome talent
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Jul 9, 2015