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Help Baby Lucas!
Baby Lucas is 18 months old and was diagnosed with high risk, stage IV Neuroblastoma in May 2015. The cancer was detected in his bone marrow as well as other areas in his tiny body. Lucas has a tough 12-18 month road ahead filled with radiation and chemo and anything else to help beat the cancer.

Lucas had been irritable and not eating much for a bit and when taken to Children's, they found a 10x14cm tumor in his belly. Due to its location around veins, it could not be immediately surgically removed. They started chemo yesterday, May 23, to shrink the size.
Just a few weeks ago, baby Lucas was running around with his brother and sister, smiling, and eating crepes with Nutella. Now he is tired and quiet. It is hard to see such a little body, meant for movement, lie so still.

Lucas has two loving parents and two older siblings, both in elementary school, who are all devastated but wholly optimistic. Please help this heartbroken family save their baby. ANY amount is truly appreciated.


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