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Remembering Little Girls Robbed of Freedom
††† "Go ahead and marry me off – I’ll kill myself." Listen to this TINY CHILD explain suicide is her only escape from being sexually trafficked in a typical forced Islamic child marriage to an old man wealthy enough to buy her. Should girls 9 to 11 be forced into having their clitoris removed and being raped and beaten by 50 year-old men if they don't cook, clean and obey? If they run away or leave Islam, they are put to death as the Quran teaches. www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2373151/Nada-Al-Ahdal-Escaped-Yemeni-child-bride-11-explains-ran-away-home.html

There are 57.5 million child brides, sexually trafficked and raped against the wishes of the child, without consent. This will increase to 140 million by 2020 if Islamic genocidal expansion (ca. Syria, Tunisia, Iraq and Europe) is permitted. Thirty-nine thousand children are forced to marry every day.

In our pursuit of cute-overload and jokes, let's not forget these little girls, so young they often die from hemorrhaging from the unrestrained assault from Islamic pedophiles. If that doesn't kill them, birthing a child at 11 too often does. Muslims insist on legalizing forced pedophillic arrangements because Mohammad often kidnapped non-Muslim women and after torturing and beheading their husbands, passed them around as rape toys. Before Mohammad married and consummated with his 9 year-old bride Aisha, he began thighing her when she was only six years-old. Mohammad's example in this, and his idea that killing people of other faiths pleases allah, set the moral bar for all Muslims, a cultish concept difficult for some Westerners to grasp.

Yemeni Child Bride, 8, Dies of Internal Injuries on First Night of Forced Marriage to Groom 5X Her Age. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2415871/Yemeni-child-bride-8-dies-internal-injuries-night-forced-marriage-groom-40.html#ixzz32XzDGfHD

Many child brides pour gasoline on themselves and light the match in a ritual known as Islamic self immolation. www.bing.com/images/search?q=Islam+immolation www.bing.com/images/search?q=islam+hanging+gays

A UN survey of 42 countries under Islamic influence shows more than a third of preteen girls are forced to marry men twice their age, commonly over 45. www.newser.com/story/164099/39k-girls-forced-to-marry-each-day.html

In Islam, women are considered property and literally owned their entire lives by fathers, brothers or husbands under Sharia (law) in 57 Muslim countries. www.TheMuslimIssue.wordpress.com/2013/09/09/yemeni-child-bride-eight-dies-of-internal-injuries-on-first-night-of-forced-marriage-to-groom-five-times-her-age/

The global community is reaching a febrile resistance to Islamic barbarity measured in anti-Islamic documentaries and petitions: www.care2.com/news/category/world/child%20brides

When your husband has the right to beat you and cut out your clitoris, you know you are a slave.

~~~World Health Organization: Key facts on FGM:
140 million girls survive without their clitoris in 29 Islamic influenced African and Middle East countries:

See it:

Britain can't stop Female Genital Mutilation -- VIDEO HERE:


Some welcome Mohammad's barbaric and violent role model into their communities. Others value human life and want Islam's murderous influence to end, realizing one truth: The lie all cultures and religions are equal and deserve equal respect - is dead. It's time to Ban Islam NOW.
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